For SENSE IN, ALASKA will set up a PREASURE LAB [pressure, pleasure]. Inspired by the work of the US-American autism activist and animal scientist Temple Grandin, the lab investigates the effects and affects of physical pressure on the human body. Grandin built herself a hug machine when she was in college: she desired the feeling of being held yet felt overstimulated by human touch. The lab provides a number of newly designed hug machines that put pressure on different parts of the body. Visitors interact with these devices and experience the sensuous and affective changes of being cared for by a machine.

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Opening Reception PREASURE LAB @ SENSE IN


Somatic Experiments for Relaxation

@ Sense in, Galerie Kunstpunkt Berlin

April 28, 1-3 pm

May 9, 5-7 pm

In this two hour workshop, we will engage physical pressure and pressure effects on our bodies. We investigate our experience with pressure in everyday life and question the meaning of pressure in our societies. Can we transform pressure in a bodily experiment? We will work with the body, elements of dance, Yoga and meditation and will spend time to reflect and ritualize what we have learned so that you can integrate it within your everyday life. In a world definded by productivity and stress, our task is to create a space in which we can re-learn to experience our bodies and feelings and use them as we please. We look forward to meeting you.

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