March 21 + 22, 2020: PREASURE LAB [pressure, pleasure] @ Touchy Subject conference Copenhagen

For The Touchy Subject conference ALASKA will set up a PREASURE LAB [pressure, pleasure]. Inspired by the work of the US-American autism activist and animal scientist Temple Grandin, the lab investigates the effects and affects of physical pressure on the human body. Grandin built herself a hug machine when she was in college: she desired the feeling of being held yet felt overstimulated by human touch. The lab provides a number of newly designed hug machines that put pressure on different parts of the body. Participants interact with these devices and experience the sensuous and affective changes of being cared for by a machine.

October 2-4, 2020 Utopian Spa Clinic for the FLINTA* body mind @ Radical Health Conference Berlin

ALASKA is currently conducting research to assess how FLINTA* feel cared for with regards to their health and which resources they are lacking. On the basis of questionnaires and through conversations with female health experts, doctors and (citizen) scientists, ALASKA is developing the first iteration of the feminist spa clinic. For the Radical Health Conference, we will set up a pop-up of the clinic that is on site for the full duration of the conference. Conference participants can fill out the questionnaire, engage with each other, explore our library of alternative health legacies (e.g. legacies of midwifery and bio-hacking) and participate in workshops and talks on feminist care, health and embodiment.